Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Aeroplane, 1929- "Attic and Cellar"

I had a pretty long review written out for the new Aeroplane, 1929 album “Attic and Cellar”. Essentially it was a bunch of ways of rewording my love for this album. As I continuously proof read I came to the realization that I am making my review way too complicated. “Attic and Cellar” is a simple record. It isn’t flashy and it isn’t a huge change in sound from their previous work, but it is truly a joy to listen to and immerse yourself in. Instead of lacing my review with comparisons to other artists and relentless amounts of praise, here are a few simple reasons you need to listen to this album and support Aeroplane, 1929.

Aeroplane, 1929 deserve respect. Before "Attic and Cellar", the band had 3 stellar releases under their belt, two of which were released on north east indie label Topshelf Records (sidenote: this label is killing it, I recommend every artist on Topshelf). While all three are praised by critics and fans, it seems as if Aeroplane isn’t as big as they deserve to be. They have paid their dues, playing countless shows and working tirelessly throughout their career to continually release a steady flow of excellent music despite a healthy amount of non musical commitments. For that, they should be commended.

Aeroplane, 1929 are breaking up. "Attic and Cellar" will act as the bands swan song, and even though it may be too late to jump on the bandwagon, there is no reason to not try and catch up. The band will play their last show in August at the Space in Hamden, but not before a brief tour (more on that at the end). This album and the coming shows in the next few months are your last chances to appreciate a band that has done a lot for the Connecticut music scene.

Aeroplane, 1929 have released the best cohesive piece of local music thus far in 2010. "Attic and Cellar" is interesting, exciting and moving. The immense talent of everyone in the band is showcased. Frontman Alex Mazaferro’s vocals will remind you of the singer from Deer Tick if that guy had a little more soul and anxiety. The core band of Mazaferro, Noah Goldman, Jacob Goldman and Wil Mulhern lead a lengthy list of contributers through the album with an undeniably tightness. The instruments used throughout, including flute, marimba and trash can(!), all fit the flow and vibe of the album perfectly and never once does the use of “crystal glasses” seem pretentious or unnecessary.

Aeroplane, 1929 are great at what they love to do, make music. If given the chance, this album will become something that you play regularly, it's a truly special effort from a fantastic local talent. The band's record release show will be this Friday July 2nd at the Wallingford American Legion with Sidewalk Dave, Luke Elliot, Lion Cub and more. It costs 10 dollars to get in, but you get a free copy of the album, which is worth the price of admission alone. Don't miss your last few chances to see and support a fantastic and criminally underrated Connecticut band.

Aeroplane, 1929 record release show with Sidewalk Dave, Luke Elliot, Lion Cub and Elison Jackson

Wallingford American Legion

190 Ward Street, Wallingford Connecticut

Friday July 2 6:00 PM

$10 includes copy of "Attic and Cellar"

Aeroplane, 1929 has approximately a dozen shows left in their career. You can check all of the dates here. More will be written about their last show, at the Space in Hamden as more of the information is made public.

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The tall guy who is leaning in to kiss Alex Mazaferro's face is the singer from Sidewalk Dave. Band incest!