Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Inkwell Press Launches New Website

Inkwell Press, a resource for critical reviews and news on Connecticut’s music and arts community, launched a new website Tuesday under the domain www.inkwellpress.net. The site will house more frequent reviews, news and show listings compared to that of Inkwell Press’ physical copy.

Inkwell Press first began in March 2009 as two sheets of paper stapled together. The zine was created to promote the first concert put on by local coffeehouse, Las Vetas, in its newly opened Bridgeport location. Though she had written for local papers before, Elise Granata could not find anyone who would include a piece on the concert in their publication. Instead, she created a resource solely for this.

By its sixth issue in May 2010, the zine was a chunky pamphlet-sized publication, sometimes featuring over 60 pages or more of content. It also included content covering the campus of SUNY Purchase, where Granata began attending school. The issues featured dozens of contributions from local artists, musicians and writers to form a bonafide resource for local music.

Due to its magnitude, the issues became harder and harder to make current. As a result, the domain was bought and website launched for Inkwell, encouraging a more up-to-date catalog of the community’s efforts in Connecticut. The site also features a detailed show listing and links to the CTSka discussion forums, which have featured conversation about the local scene for years. Future physical copies will mimic this layout as a single-page show listing also including several reviews and the art Inkwell has become identified by.

Elise Granata will be a sophomore at SUNY Purchase as an Arts Management major. She is currently working with the New York International Ballet Competition in fundraising and development, and does viral marketing for Unfinished Side Productions.

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