Friday, June 4, 2010

Ideat Village 2010

For those of you who haven't really payed attention for the past 9 years, Ideat Village is an annual event in New Haven which is basically a big arts and music festival. This year it'll be held Saturday, June 12th thru Sunday June 27th. It's got all kinds of artistic events, competitions and the like.

Saturday, June 5th is the Ideat Village Fundraiser, which is going to be one hell of a show at Cafe Nine. All the proceeds from the show go to fund the festival. The show will feature some of the best names in New Haven music. Seriously, both MT Bearington and Estrogren Highs are a must see.

MT Bearington
Estrogen Highs
Paul Panamarenko
Higgins & The General
Not Here

9 PM, $6

Also, if you want to play at the Ideat Village festival, all musicians are encouraged to participate in this year's premiere event - the Ideat Village Rock Lottery!

It will be drawn by lot, chosen at random. Five new local super groups will be created on the spot from a pool of participating players. Just email to submit your name and instrument -- simply note "vocals", "guitar", etc. (only one). Drawing this Saturday at Cafe Nine!


Brushback said...

Might be checking this out after the Lemuria show is over... thinking I oughta be able to catch Estrogen Highs at least.

florida=death said...

Florida=death and neonleatherdrip is playing this june 26th 7pm