Thursday, June 24, 2010

MV & EE play Popeye's Garage

This Friday, MV & EE will be playing at Popeye's Garage in New Haven. This is mindblowing for a number of reasons and I can't really elaborate about it because there are simply no words.

MV & EE are Matthew Valentine and Erika Elder from Burlington, VT. They describe themselves as "lunar raga," which is very fitting. Their rambling, reverb drenched vocals are accompanied by sweet droning guitars, spacey slide guitar, and occasionally other musicians like The Bummer Road, The Golden Road, or The Canada Goose Band. The whole thing is pretty haunting and messy, psychedelic 70s folk at it's best and worst. They've collaborated with numerous guests, and released tons of albums over the years, including the fantastic Green Blues. Their 2007 album Gettin' Gone is a classic as well, which sees them playing primal Crazy Horse styled grunge rock. They recently released Their new one, Barn Nova, on the excellent Ecstatic Peace label.

Also playing with them are The Mountain Movers and The Book Slave, who are both excellent in their own right. The Mountain Movers are from New Haven, and are fantastic. Panos wrote a great review of their latest album The Day Calls Out For You right here. They don't play out very often, so don't miss your chance to see them. Also playing is The Book Slave, who you probably already know and love. They're completely dissonant guitar players, experimenting with mixing clashing notes and hardcore.

MV + EE, The Mountain Movers, and Book Slave

Popeye's Garage
New Haven, CT
Friday June 25 7:00 pm

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