Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Show Review: Titles record release

June 12, 2010

Although a bit shaky at first, Titles played a great set the other night at Cafe Nine. Their contemplative, quiet sound was a bit of a changeup from what I'm used to at that tiny little bar. Eula was more that speed. They charged the stage and assaulted the unsuspecting audience with loud bombastic tunes, all driven by huge booming bass. As my ears were still ringing from that, I wasn't expecting Titles to be so quiet and reserved. I'm usually one of the dudes standing around outside, but due to the rain and poor planning I was sequestered to a table in the back for the beginning of the show. When they went on, the place really filled up and I rushed to the front. Ok, more like shambled/stumbled up front. It took a while for the show to start, and Cafe Nine's always a good place to have a few drinks. Anyway, they took a minute or two get into their groove, but once they did they had the whole bar watching intently.

I really gotta hand it to these guys though, they're pumping out some of the best tunes I've heard in CT. They played a really long set, full of tunes from their latest album, and a bunch of other songs both new and old. Even some stuff that I haven't heard off their records, like "Castlevania" were pretty great. Lighthearted banter and kazoo on "Fuck It" was a nice touch, too. And any band that ends with a Yo La Tengo cover is alright in my books.

A side note, I got LP 007/100, so that's one for the ages. The album's beautiful by the way, you might wanna see if there's some still available from Safety Meeting.

Here's a few more photos from brushback:

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Brushback said...

The vinyl version of Dirt Bell is soooo awesome. People should snap those right up.