Monday, June 28, 2010

Bourgeois Heroes - Musical Postcards

I remember seeing Bourgeois Heroes back at New England Popfest in 2008. At the time, it was just Jason Bourgeois up there on stage doing what he does best: playing cute little pop songs on an electric guitar. He even ended his set with a tape recorder held up to a microphone, belting out "God Only Knows" by The Beach Boys with the audience singing backup parts. It was one of those had to be there kind of things. I've seen Jason a few times since, I mean, it's impossible to miss him if you ever set foot in Northampton, he plays in a million bands up there. Anyway, this outfit is called Bourgeois Heroes, and they're typically a duo.

So a little bit of history on them; Jason and Elise formed back in 2002 are spread between Northampton, MA and Austin, TX. They've recently released their Musical Postcards EP. It's a collections of songs that have been worked on through the mail, through demos and postcards sent back and forth. It's a very interesting concept, and the results are a bunch of shimmering 60s pop gems that make you feel good about your day. The album was recorded by Justin Pizzoferrato (Dinosaur Jr., Hush Arbors, Sonic Youth) at Bank Row Recording, which is probably why the sound quality is so great. Anyway, these are beautifully written tunes that wear The Kinks, Beach Boys and Beatles influences on their sleeve; which is a very welcome thing in my book.

Peep a listen right here, the album's only gonna set you back 4 bucks.

<a href="">The Boy At The Record Store by Bourgeois Heroes</a>

Available on February Records (formerly Tweefort Records)

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dan said...

Thanks for reviewing this! Just a little clarification and to give credit where credit is due ... the EP was released on Rub Wrongways Records in Northampton. It is now being promoted by and is available through February Records. Thanks!