Monday, June 14, 2010

Emperor X hits CT

One of my favorite musicians of all time ever, Emperor X, will be touring in our area this weekend. You should make it a point to be there. Emperor X is one Chad Matheny, and he's been traveling the road and playing fantastic songs for years. He's been taking the idea of the one-man traveling band and running with it, playing anywhere that people will show up: basements, rooftops, parks, even laser tag. Everything the guy touches turns to gold, and his shows are consistently mindblowing. Just browse through youtube if you don't believe me.

6/17 (Thu.) - The Handsome Woman (271 Ash St.), Willimantic, CT
With Old Hannah, Pillow Skin (Derrick's new noise proj.) and Sinfornio Diaz. For more information, head to OHYM.

6/18 (Fri.) - Eclectic Wear (19 Union St.) New London, CT (which will be part of Birth of Summer II festival, a huge two day show; details here.)

Get ready.

I demand you watch this video right now:

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okmusic said...

The oddity and inventiveness of that kid blows me away AND Spieltier = one of my fav songs evvvvver. Have a listen at

Also of note: Most everything he's done is available free at his site, with an option to purchase if you can throw him some cash. . .