Monday, June 14, 2010

Birth of Summer II

Against All Odds Productions is holding a really killer festival called Birth of Summer Fest 2! For those of you who don't know, last year's Birth of Summer was a huge success, and this should be no different. They've been working on this event since the last one ended, so that's an entire year of planning this awesome event. It'll be held all day on Friday, June 18th and Saturday, June 19. at The Eclectic Wear in New London.

The lineup is as follows:

Friday Night
Doors @ 5pm, Music at 6pm
all ages, $5

Times Up!

(South Carolina, 90s punk/hardcore)
@ 6pm

To The Depths
(RI, mixed punk rock/hardcore)
@ 6:45pm

Brothers & Sisters
(CT, rock, don't miss these guys)
@ 7:30pm

Night of the Rabbit
(CT, mellow indie rock)
@ 8:15pm

Times Up!
second set
@ 8:45pm

Ferocious Fucking Teeth
(CT, stoner rock)
@ 9:20pm

Pillow Skin
(CT, noise/ambient)
@ 10:00pm

(RI ambient/psychadelic rock)

28 Degrees Taurus
(Boston area shoegaze psychedelia)
@ 10:45pm

Neon Leather Drip
(CT, hip hop)
@ 11:20pm

Mahi Mahi
(RI electro/dance)

Saturday Night
Music at Noon
all ages, $5

Open Mic, Food, etc
(Full of Birdy & White Savages)

Death To New England
(CT, former Battle Cats)
@ 2:30 pm

Problem with Dragons
(MA, stoner rock)
@ 3:15 pm

Apocalyptic Youth
(NY, loud)
@ 4:00 pm

David Carradine
(CT, sleazy punk)
@ 4:20pm

1/2 Shaved Yak
(CT, experimental)
@ 5:00 pm

(RI, prog/shred/math)
@ 5:30

Stone Titan
(CT, doom/metal)
@ 6:00 pm

Sea of Bones
(CT, drone/heavy)
@ 6:30pm

Know Nothing
(CT, indescribeable)
@ 7:30 pm

Brava Spectre
(CT, louddd)
@ 8:30 pm

(MA, experimental)
@ 9:30 PM

An Albatross
(PA, psychedelic/thrash)
@ 10:30 pm

The show will be followed by an afterparty at the Oasis Pub. There will be plenty of secret guests there and it should be a really good time.

There will also be several local Artists presenting their artwork during this event so go check them out too, and buy some art. Artists include:

Nutrition Facts
The Art of Roberta A Sulls

Friday 6/18 and Saturday 6/19 @ The Eclectic Wear
19 Union St. New London, CT

This lineup is subject to change. Be sure to respond to the Facebook event page for more info and many up to the minute updates.

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