Monday, June 21, 2010

Ghost of Chance

Ghost of Chance is a new New Haven based band fronted by Jayson Munro (formerly of CT band The Striders and a bunch of other Danbury-area projects), George Moore (nephew of Sonic Youth's Thurston Moore), David Corsak, and Mark Niciu (of The Wee Bees, and formerly of Hartford band The Inclined Plane). The group's first album is the brainchild of Jayson Munro and George Moore, who crafted and recorded the music in the sweltering confines of an attic apartment during the summer of 2009. The live set consists of Moore on guitar, Munro on vocals and guitar, David Corsak on bass and Mark Niciu on drums. February Records will be releasing their upcoming self-titled full-length CD. On Saturday, June 26 Ghost of Chance will play the Ideat Village Festival at Pitkin Plaza in New Haven with The Wee Bees.

MP3: "Sir"

MP3: "Jennifer"

"Sir" is definitely my favorite of these two preview tracks. The freaked out beginning sounds like it has one of those thumb things being plucked, which I almost made a thumbs-up joke about, but realized how fucking lame that would have been. I have trouble trusting anyone that spells Jason with a "y", but Jayson Munros does some solid early 90's guitar work that could be book ended by anything from the Lilys to Teenage Fanclub, which more than makes up for the "y." The track closes by going outdoors with found sounds, including some summery chirping. Makes me think the song just floated off out of the careless hand of a little girl like a birthday balloon.

"Jennifer" is sloppy in spots, but charmingly so. I like the way that ride gets a beating in this track. Maybe for the live set they should borrow Brendan Canty's ship's bell. I'm sure Niciu would have fun with that.

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