Sunday, August 12, 2012

Chalk Talk - Bad Influences EP

Chalk Talk are at present an Amherst, MA indie rock band but I am giving them a pass and reviewing their EP because it's awesome, it was recorded in Glastonbury, CT., and 2 of the 3 members of the band are from CT. Not to mention they just played a release show in Woodbury, CT with the likes of The Guru and High Pop. Regardless this EP is packed with garage pop/rock goodness!

Starting their EP with a 7 second spazz drum solo, it's apparent these guys not only have skill but a sense of humor too!

The tempo stays high into their first track, reverb floods over the guitar and vocals. "You're In" is full of saturated sounds and high energy. The vocal harmonies slip into group sing chants and that gets the vibe just right for fun! This one turns into a shredder by the end so look out!

I think "Orchard Torture" should be a single. The guitar riff is filled with hooks and the sing-a-long vocals (matched with room sound) find you bobbing your head along with all of its catchy goodness. I freaking love this song and I think this is the perfect example of this band's sound.

The title track is nice and short and the vocals come in more than halfway through the song, it's a nice little ditty that makes you bounce (something this band clearly has developed as a skill set).

"Babe Paralysis" is another full throttle blast of high energy garage pop. The jangly guitar leads come through here as well as any other point on the EP. I imagine this song is a big crowd pleaser live.

Finally, there is the uncharacteristic "Memo: Sploof", and I say uncharacteristic because it clocks in at 6:30, nearly half the runtime of the whole EP. Despite its length it doesn't disappoint or bore. It's by this point that I begin to realize this is also a little bit on the pop-punk side. I am reminded of Superagent and Velocity Girl, along with a slew of other like minded bands from the past 15 years or so. This really is an epic closer for this EP, and it acts like a finale. All told this EP is both precise and concise. It is a saturated sound journey that you should get into your hands right now, whether digitally via their Bandcamp or on 12" vinyl (one sided, the B side is "silk screened")

Check out Chalk Talk today!

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