Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Files & Fires need your support to record, and master their new record!

I hope you're feeling charitable because The Files & Fires need your help! They have a kickstarter set up to assist them in recording and mastering their new album, which would be set for winter of this year!

From their kickstarter:

The Files & Fires is a post-rock/ambient instrumental group founded in Connecticut and now based primarily out of New York.  Founding members, Tyler J. Smith and Ian Tait scattered seeds over five years ago for what has now grown in to a well structured and passionate group of musicians with huge potential as a band.
The Files have, to date, had two formal releases: the "Like Ivy... EP", and the more recent, "For People Talk Lightly..."  Between the two recordings the group saw frequent changes in personnel; going through at least two drummers, and as many bassists, in an effort to form the group you would recognize today.  The changes were for the group's overall benefit, as the second recording was well received and equally well reviewed.

Now the group has decided it is time for another release, the funding of which is almost entirely in your hands! 
The Files & Fires does not take lightly the creation of their art.  And they hope the end result is a work to transport the listener; to give you something to remember; something to feel.  With the help of your pledges, and additional funding from the members themselves, the group hopes to record, mix, master and release their new album by the winter of 2012.
The rewards list will display precisely what your pledges will earn you, and each contribution, however small or large, is a worthy of the most sincere thanks.  This is a group that has existed solely on the support of its dedicated listeners, and has continued to write and record music in an effort to provide these listeners a bit of levity in an otherwise heavy world.
Best wishes and infinite thanks,
-The Files & Fires

There you have it, you have the info, now be generous! These are the type of projects that only get made because of the caring public so get to THEIR KICKSTARTER PAGE!

Here is their 2011 EP "For People Talk Lightly"

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