Friday, August 24, 2012

Help Empty Vessels get into Riot Fest Chicago!

Like noisey hardcore punk? Like helping locals get national gigs? Well today is your lucky day you snot-nosed gutter walker! Empty Vessels need your help getting to play Riot Fest Chicago

From their message to

I was wondering if you could do my band Empty Vessels a HUGE favor? We never do these voting/band competitions but we all love Riot Fest and when we saw we had the opportunity to possibly play it this year we jumped at the chance! We are currently in the 8th place out of about a hundred bands. We need people to vote for us, once a day, every day until Sept 3rd. We are the only band from CT who was accepted into the competition and think people in the scene would really love to see a New England band get onto Riot Fest in Chicago! Riot Fest is happening this fall and includes bands such as The Descendents, Iggy and The Stooges, NOFX, Rise Against, The Offspring, Coheed and Cambria, Gogol Bordello, Minus The Bear, Alkaline Trio, Built To Spill, Cursive, The Addicts, and many more. If CT Indie could possibly help us I would REALLY appreciate any help you can give us. We just need people to go to this link:
and keep voting for us everyday. BTW, we are from New London, CT.
Thank you again, for anything you can do to help us!


You heard her, boys and girls, now GET TO WORK!

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