Friday, August 17, 2012


Indie Thursdays at Two Boots in Bridegport gets weird on 8/23 with Glitter Freeze, Ultrabunny and King Sexy. They will be joined by burlesque and go-go dancers so DONT MISS OUT!

Glitter Freeze
Taking a page from their New Wave predecessors of the 1980's, Brooklyn trio Glitter Freeze features throbbing baselines, driving guitar riffs, pounding drums, and electrifying synth-rich pop hooks. Songwriter and bassist Heather Elle's vocals are both tough and vulnerable. Lyrically, she tackles everything from temptation and depression, to politics and bizarre dreams.

In 2002 Bobby Bunny (guitar/vocals and electronics) and Malcolm Tent (bass and vocals), scouted local kid Pete Beest (drums) and at first called themselves BunnyBrains 88, but then switched that to Ultrabunny.
Ultrabunny distills extreme/glam/psych/noise/post-punk/no-wave/&70srock into a performance that rivals the sound and fury of every record in yr local vinyl record store played simultaneously. They challenge you to take a listen.

King Sexy
KING SEXY is a pro-sexy, pro-masculine, anti-wussy, anti-cockblocking paradigm.  
In the summer of 2010, King Sexy did a "Like a Dog in Sexycolor" 5-date mini tour. They played at a Burlesque show in April 2011 at Daniel St. (RIP) in Milford, CT with Nasty Disaster. Currently, King Sexy is in hiatus, but will eventually record a CD called, "Open wide and say, EWWW!!"

LIVE @ Two Boots in Bridgeport
281 Fairfield Ave, Bridgeport CT
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