Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Inaugural BATTLE STAG RECORDS Summer Stampede 8/25

Danbury newest record label Battle Stag Records is hosting their inaugural Summer Stampede at The Heirloom Arts Theatre!

$5, 6PM, 7 Bands and ALL AGES

Danbury's own BATTLE STAG RECORDS is throwing their first of many brutal shows.

Black Table (NJ) Disgustingly Brutal, Can't say enough good things about this band for fans of ISIS, Converge, Pelican, and awesomeness..

Eastwood (CT) Those dick kicking sludgy doom thrash rockers that get drunk and destroy your ear drums

Torment The Dreamer (CT) How to describe this band...Sounds like if Carcass and Whitechapel had a kid at at the time of conception Between the Buried and Me was present..Instrumental awesomeness

Traces of Empire (MA) Punk/Metal/Grind That rips mad hard!!

Ferocious Fucking Teeth (CT) Loud/Heavy killer stoner rock , here's some gnarleyness from this band

Girls Just Want To Have Fun (CT) Hardcore-ish but really good, Kinda like if Suicide File, Converge, and American Nightmare had a kid

Bones In The Well (CT) Hardcore/Thrash/Metal For fans of Unsane, Crowbar ect..Shit rips!!!

Get your ass down to The Heirloom Arts Theatre 8/25 after several goblets of human blood!

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