Saturday, August 18, 2012

The Dwells, Run The Saints, Josh A., The Mountain Movers @ The Space on 8/23

Bostoners The Dwells hit up The Space on August 23rd with Run The Saints, Josh A., and The Mountain Movers. Be sure to catch this one as it promises to be a wonderful show!

The Dwells
The Dwells were born on the Fourth of July- Paige Califano and Matthew Bean were enjoying the night on a hot, crowded Boston rooftop, but soon found themselves one floor below with some old notebooks and a guitar. Their voices blended minutes into hours and as morning glazed the window, they both left hearing music come to life like they had never heard before. As they dove into new ideas, they slowly crafted their sound and what emerged was a neo-Americana, cosmic folk duo that gave a nod to earlier genre-benders like Gram Parsons and Elliot Smith. They released their debut record, "Fortieth Floor", on May 27th and are warmly settling into the Boston music scene, huddled around their single mic, one show at a time.

Run The Saints
Run The Saints was formed in September 2011 by Graham Cooke and Chip Foarde, two students at Boston University. Graham and Chip come from very different musical backgrounds. Graham thrives on punk rock, ska, and indie; Chip on blues, jazz, and rock. Despite their differences, these two have joined forces to write, record, and play live, all while exploring new musical ideas and concepts. The band released their first EP, a self-recorded effort entitled "A Small Town" in early 2012 and are currently writing for their next release due by the end of Summer.

Josh A.
Expressive and catching melodies, with deep flowing words which inspires, full of energy with rhythmic acoustic tones. A soothing and motivated voice that sings to the listener, with engaging and uplifting songs that grips the ears during chorus. Creative and beautifully put together, moving and refreshing which leaves a wonderful feeling!

The Mountain Movers
The Mountain Movers are an underground rock band from New Haven, CT. They have put out four LPs and a handful of singles. Normally a four piece rock band, the Movers will play this gig as a quiet two piece.

LIVE @ The Space
295 Treadwell St, Hamden CT

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