Friday, August 10, 2012

Help José Oyola make his debut album!

For those of you who don't know, José Oyola is a new haven musician and the man behind Taco Hut Music and Taco Hut HQ. He is currently in the process of putting together his debut album "Give, Give, Give. Take, Take, Take." and wants YOUR help in making the album a reality!

José Oyola has started a kickstarter for his debut album and along with some fundraising shows and of course, your help, this should be an easy task!
At his bandcamp he has posted 2 demo's from the proposed album, take a listen below:

He had a show last Tuesday to help with the kickstarter at Lyrics Hall with such local heros as: Sidewalk Dave, Milksop:Unsung, Kindred Queer, Elison Jackson and Dan Rice.

15 days to go on this kickstarter to get your wallets out and make this happen. Local art depends on you now!


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Robert Denby said...


Just because I love numbers

SO I need $3,882 to successfully fund my Kickstarter, here's the break down

I would need

16 people to pledge $250

38 people to donate $100

78 people to donate $50

155 people to donate $25

259 people to donate $15

388 people to donate $10

776 people to donate $5

Broken down it does not seem as daunting as just looking at $3,882 and it shows how much EVERY single pledge small or large counts!