Thursday, August 16, 2012

Hello, World - Unto EP

Sometimes in life we there are moments where the word "surprise" doesn't begin to describe how deeply we are affected by a stimuli. Coming upon Hello, World's unto EP on bandcamp was one of those moments for me.

"Henny" starts out with a bang, drums and all manner of guitars swells into the first verse where muted vocals sing nearly whispered tones. This song is an instant ear grabber for fans of Wilco and early 2000's Jim O'Rourke (as I am!). The production quality on this song is only matched by the composition which not only keeps things interesting but manages to constantly surprise. The song itself comes from some pretty simple notes, but the embellishment is completely astounding. The guitar work is out of this world. This is a lead single if I have ever heard one!

"A Fork and A Knife" starts out with a folky feeling and quickly transcends that to something more. The song itself is beautiful and despite a slow tempo keeps my attention fully. With each new stanza there is further embellishment of the theme and more lush complexity. The guitar leads on this song are mesmerizing and expertly played.

"Lunchbox" has some keys in it, and reminds me of late era Gastr Del Sol. The steady beat picks up and beautiful piano fills the song up. This song goes through a number of changes that while sharp aren't a distraction from the song itself, it keeps you right at attention throughout. The outro to this song is especially breathtaking with the multiple vocals and sweeping synth scale.

"Tienes Dinero in Tu Trucky" is a perfect last track and also has more of that Jim O'Rourke vibe, like some of the more rocking tunes on "Insignificance". A real solid rock song with tremendous guitar and vocal harmonies, and even a little humor (nice burp at 1:26), this song would fit anywhere in the pop spectrum. It's simply that easy to hear and and appreciate. This whole EP is so ripe with lush production and presentation that you just have to hear to believe. I totally love this EP!

There is little/no info on this band or who is in it but I hear-tell that this whole wonderful gem has been produced by one person, as the bio says on the bandcamp: "Hello World is a human who lives in eastern connecticut"

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