Sunday, August 19, 2012


Disco Doom are a Swiss band that rocks hard. They have shared the stage with Built To Spill and Dinosaur Jr. and when you hear them you will understand why. Go to BAR and see them play with Dayjoy and Ovlov.

Zurich/Switzerland based band Disco Doom is the perfect and impossible match of huge mesmerizing noise rock, and delicately crafted melodies. The meeting point of precious and fragile voices, devastating amount of thick guitars, and mental drums to give an hypnotic music you can only fall in love with. Gabriele (vocal/guitar) and Anita (guitar/bass/keys/vocal) are Disco Doom’s core and soul since the late 90s. They play with different dr
ummers, have released several albums & EPs and performed hundreds of shows through all Europe and US. Among others, the rock trio toured with Built to Spill and Dinosaur Jr. and opened for bands such as Butthole Surfers, Deerhoof, Black Angels. Disco Doom is currently based in New York.

Day Joy is the creation of Peter Michael Perceval and Michael Serrin of Orlando FL. Their music began acoustically on the porch and recordings began with just the duo layering instrumentation together and and creating the lush and layered Dream Folk/Pop recordings you can hear now. Currently they have added 3 new members to the roster in order to play the songs true to form live. At the tail end of 2011 they quietly released two singles "New Ordinary" and "Go To Sleep, Mess" on their bandcamp page. In a matter of weeks they had been heard by thousands across the web and were covered by a number of reputable blogs and magazines. Day Joy has also received a large amount of press coverage throughout Europe and the UK being featured on several radio shows as well as being featured on a TV and internet commercial for Danish company Trio Bikes.

Ovlov is a 3, but sometimes 4 piece alternative pop rock band half based out of Newtown Connecticut, the other in Boston, Mass. There are heavy sludgy guitars and bass, some light melodic vocals, and a drummer that strongly resembles Taylor Lautner. They have only released two EPs since they started in 2008, but have so much more to offer in their live sets, with greater volume and a boatload of new songs that are to-be-recorded-and-released ASAP. You will leave with an urge to go skating and drink beer at the beach.

254 Crown St, New Haven

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