Saturday, August 25, 2012

Lys Guillorn & Her Band / The Grimm Generation / The Danbury Lie @ TWO BOOTS 8/30

Indie Thursdays at Two Boots in Bridgeport is turning "grimm" this Thursday, with Lys Guillorn & Her Band, The Grimm Generation, and The Danbury Lie!

According to the flyer this is "Lys N' Jason's actual effin birthday" so this is a special event you should go out of your way to attend!

The Bands:

Lys Guillorn & Her Band
Lys Guillorn can be defined as a bit of a prairie specter. Her country-gothic voice wavers between a delicately sweet high lilt, as if leaking through from a past time, and a clear and deep husk that is sometimes frightening in its intimacy.
Her music ranges from scenic dirges, to quick ditties, to spooky pop, and is best paired with like artists. Guillorn has already shared the stage with like
folks such as The Handsome Family (Carrot Top Records), Laura Cantrell (Matador), Scout Niblett (Too Pure, Secretly Canadian), Nora O’Connor (Bloodshot), Matt Bauer (La Societe Expeditionnaire), Amy Rigby (Stiff Records), Cheryl Wheeler (Rounder), and Moe Tucker.
Her live set can be sparse and acoustic, or full-band and full-throated. Lys Guillorn solo, or with her band with brother Michael Guillorn on bass, and Peter Riccio (Sawtelles) on drums. Other instruments you may see/hear/covet are Hammond organ, Fender Rhodes, Magnus Chord Organ, toy piano, bells, and banjo.

The Grimm Generation
'The Last Record Party', the debut CD from The Grimm Generation, is a year in the life of The Grimm Generation (Carmen Champagne & Jason P. Krug). A year of irony and love, lust and ash, some hate and a lot of longing, all twisted and refracted into singular statement: a true Rock and Roll record.

The Danbury Lie
Wonderfully disjointed folk from Norwalk, CT.

LIVE @ Two Boots Bridgeport on 8/30 at 9PM for $FREE
281 Fairfield Ave, Bridgeport

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