Wednesday, March 17, 2010

April is the Cruelest Month

And then Manic Productions came along and made T. S. Eliot look like a complete jackass. Cruelest month? The only cruelty April has to offer this year is that the High on Fire / Black Cobra show might crush your skull and melt your guts with aural brutality. I was driving into work this morning wondering if an April rundown was in order, but of course what's in the inbox by the time I arrive - an April show rundown from Manic. Jesus, guy. And I thought Tweefort was heavy on the reminders. Manic reads your damn thoughts and then emails them to you. Sheesh... Anyway, the list he sent included more than just Manic shows. Here is what Manic Productions alone is bringing to Connecticut this April.

Monday, April 5 - Daniel Street - Serena Maneesh, The Depreciation Guild, Shark

Thursday, April 8 - Daniel Street - High On Fire, Priestess, Black Cobra, Bison B.C.

Sunday, April 11 - Lily's Pad (Toad's Place Upstairs) - Titus Andronicus, The Babies, My Heart To Joy

Tuesday, April 13 - The Space - Maps & Atlases, Drink Up Buttercup, Fugue

Thursday, April 15 - The Space - The Appleseed Cast, Dreamend

Saturday, April 17 - The Space - The Thermals, Past Lives, The Coathangers

Tuesday, April 20 - The Space - Thao with The Get Down Stay Down

Saturday, April 24 - Cafe Nine - Dead Meadow, Imaad Wasif, Fake Babies

Wednesday, April 28 - Cafe Nine - Alcest, Have A Nice Life, Mammoth Hunter

This chunk of awesomeness isn't meant to snub everyone else that's hosting and throwing great shows. What it does do is underscore the fact that all the effort and support Connecticut's music community (and here I mean the underground / indie / DIY branch, obviously) has been putting into the local scene is paying off. Even Hartford is getting good shows now because of guys like HPSU. Let's all keep working together!

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