Saturday, March 20, 2010

Wry record release

Wry is playing two shows at the end of March. They're doing this because they're releasing their new 7" which is great, so you better pick it up. Don't believe me? You can listen to and download the tracks early from their bancamp site below:

<a href="">Blueprint to Nero by Wry</a>

Anyway, you can catch Wry at either show (or both):

March 27th @ Rudy's
Penny Winblood

March 28th @ The Space
Olde York
The Clefts
Cry Havoc

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Brushback said...

This is cool stuff, I've been listening to "Oh Savior" (from their Facebook) for a couple of weeks now. Hoping to catch one of the shows and get a copy of the 7".