Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Conversion Party, Standard Fare, The Cavemen Go

Saturday, March 13, 2010: Tweefort presents:

Cafe Nine
250 State Street
New Haven CT

FREE - 10:00PM - 21+


Awhile back, someone posted this statement: Conversion Party is sick. I saw them at a Bar Mitsvah. They were better than the movie "Time Bandits," which is a really good movie. Add that to your press kit, guys.

Standard Fare are in town from across the pond, and like most decent indie bands, they will be down in Austin for SXSW this month. But before that, Tweefort scooped them up for a CT performance. Bar/None tapped this jangly and sunny indie pop band and will be releasing they're debut on March 16th.

Bob over at NHM may not really be able to say much about The Cavemen Go, but I can. They were pretty much my favorite band at Elm City PopFest last year. It's probably the fact that everyone in the band is nasty on they're instruments, and I'm a sucker for cute chick key players, but really it boils down to Jeremy Sage. He has a damn fine voice and the energy to deliver it.

By the way, John is still sitting on the recording of The Cavemen Go's performance from ECPF. Lazy bum.


Francis Ford said...

I saw The Cavemen Go way back, I don't even remember where (Willamantic?), but they were pretty great. I don't know anything about Standard Fare, but Conversion Party is also solid. Maybe not as good as Terry Gilliam's movies, but certainly fun to watch. Who are these Tweefort peeps? It seems like they are doing legit free shows and fighting the good fight.

CT Indie said...

Danny Twee is definitely fighting the good fight. They even started a net label recently. http://www.tweefort.com/

danny said...

fighting the good fight!