Thursday, March 4, 2010

BRI-CON 2010 at Heirloom Arts

Saturday at Heirloom Arts, the first annual BRI-CON 2010 will be held. It will feature all kinds of great bands from around the area, including:

CT/NYC-based Arms & Legs (Scott Daly and co.) are signed to China's largest independent record label, Modern Sky. They are currently mixing their new album in New York with Bryce Goggin. They recently supported Retribution Gospel Choir (feat. members of Low) in CT and in New York at Mercury Lounge. "Dreamers Do" from their debut album Everything Is Gonna Be Ok is currently featured in a national TV commercial for Dayquil. Yeah, Dayquil.

Sometimes member of the Moldy Peaches, Toby Goodshank should be as much of a household name as Dayquil at this point. His music is anti-folk at its finest. At times he's campy, at times serious, and sometimes he has no idea what the fuck he's talking about, but it's all great stuff.

KC Quilty, from New York, features a fantastic female vocalist, with music reminiscent of early grunge. They just released their new album Clover/Coriander and it's a total nostalgia piece, without sounding like it's trying too hard. I used to sit around listening to Soundgarden and Pearl Jam for hours on end, and this brings all those memories back. You should definitely check it out. My favorite song is Supernova, which apparently was written in open C because, according to them "because i had a fridge that buzzed all the time at a really low pitch of c. it would wake me up all the time. suddenly all the songs i made up were in the same key." Anyway, they rock.

Speaking of early-90s tunes, Schwervon! is also from New York, and plays some bass-heavy indie rock/pop. You can really hear the Pixies influence on them. Locals Ovlov will also be playing. These guys sound a lot like Weezer, Ozma, and a number of other early 90s bands. You can find a quick review of their tunes as well as a free download of their excellent 'Crazy Motorcycle Jump' EP right here.

This is really a fantastic lineup, and even though there's a million shows you could go to Saturday, this is where all the flannel will be.

Arms & Legs
Toby Goodshank
KC Quilty

21+, 8:30pm doors

The show only costs $5 and all proceeds are being donated to the Heirloom to help keep them running for another year. Not to mention you'll be drinking free Pabst all night.

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