Tuesday, March 30, 2010

New England DIY Fest 2

Lots of festivals being announced these past few days. New England DIY Fest 2 has officially been announced. This year it will be a joint operation between Connecticut DIY Shows and Massachusetts based Spilt Milk Zine. Last year it was an all-day house party featuring Trunks n Tales, Wanli, Play It Faster, Birth Of Flower, Mutiny Amongst Friends and many more local bands.This year it is going to be hosted at a house in Westerly, RI (right on the CT/RI border.)

As of now, music is going to start Friday night at 7:30 pm - get their earlier if you're camping. Music will continue on Saturday afternoon, probably around 3:00 pm, and will last all day and all night. Sunday is going to be a giant hootenanny styled show. This is the very first show that CT DIY has ever booked with an admission cost, because there will be a lot of traveling bands, but it will only cost you somewhere between $5 to $10.

If you're going, plan to pack for a camping trip. Bring food and drinks for yourselves, a tent, sleeping gear, toilet paper, trash bags, anything you'll need. You'll also be expected to take care of your own garbage and recycling.

There's no official schedule yet, but here's what we know.

Play It Faster!
Birth Of Flower
Trunks & Tales
Mutiny Amongst Friends
New Years Revolution
Lauren Adams
Wood Spider
Kill Conrad
Jake Jenkins
The Thin Heir
Big Wilson River
Plastered Bastards
We Were Ghosts
The World is a Beautiful Place and I'm No Longer Scared to Die
Captain, We're Sinking
The Front Bottoms
The Fake Boys

Sunday each artist plays 2-3 songs each. There is no formal order of bands, every one just takes turns going up to play.

Anniversary Club
Ship Wrecks
The Dope Girls
The Space Demons
Big Wilson River
Mail Myself To Thoreau
Matt Fox
Kevin Gaffey
Aaron Silver
Fung Wah Bus
Robin Hood
Tyler Bussy (of Ain't No More Cane Old Hannah)

It's all subject to change, so please check back on the facebook invite and CT DIY's myspace entry for updates.


Anonymous said...

the myspace for Fung Wah Bus is www.myspace.com/fungwahbus if you could please put that up for the sunday show.


Anonymous said...

hey im an administrator for NE DIY FEST and i regret to inform you that Spilt Milk is no longer collaborating with CT DIY and alot of the hardcore bands booked for Saturday including Ramming Speed will not be playing anymore
But we've re booked all the empty spaces and everything's coming together beautifully

we just spent all day in RI cleaning up our friends property where the fest is being held
and we're all super pumped for everyone to come hangout and have alot of fucking fun

can't wait to see you all there
keep it DIY
keep it TETONKA
and keep it REAL
much love

(of tSD, the Dope Girls, and Andras)


if you are going to drink it must be concealed
our friend could get really fucked if the cops show and there's beer cans and shit all over the place
so if you wanna drink
we don't wanna see it
Don't make it obvious
and please be respectfull of the property and our rules
we really appreciate your cooperation
Thanks Again!!!!

Anonymous said...

hey im in a band playing(robin hood) and were all really excited. A bunch of my friends are coming up too and we have some questions.
- I'm sure everyone brings their own food but can we cook it over a fire or something? i doubt the host wants a bunch of fire pits in their yard so should we just bring cold foods?
-also where is the house in relation to the westerly train station because a lot of my friends are taking the amtrack from nyc
Thanks alot and im sooo excited for this!