Thursday, March 18, 2010

Fatal Film, Get Haunted, Straight to VHS take Groton

Kind of last-minute notice, and I haven't heard of the venue before, but CT Indie favorites and New London heroes Fatal Film, Get Haunted and Straight to VHS will be playing at the Backstage Rock Bar at Rose's Cantina in Groton. It doesn't look like the kind of place that would normally have an indie show like this, but who knows, Mötley Crüe might come back in style soon. I know I've been known to rock Dr. Feelgood with the volume cranked and the windows open.

Backstage @ Rose's Cantina
577 Route 12, Groton, CT

Fatal Film
Get Haunted
Straight to VHS

9:00PM, $5

<a href="">First Step by Fatal Film</a>

<a href="">Cedar Grove by Get Haunted</a>

<a href="">Hey by Straight to VHS</a>


Freeburg said...

Thanks for posting this. For those who aren't familiar, Backstage is a fun place to see a show. Yes, it is affiliated with the strip club next door, but you wouldn't really know it (how many strip clubs have upside down crosses behind the bar?) It's a place that a young Motley Crue would've likely been quite comfortable.

Anonymous said...

Love "HEY!" Thanks!