Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Feelies

Saturday, March 20, Manic Productions brings you a double set from:

Daniel Street
21 Daniel Street
Milford CT

$18 ($15 adv) - 8:00PM - 21+

Directions: Click

Tickets: Click or pick them up at Redscroll.

The Feelies were last heard from when they performed Crazy Rhythms start to finish at All Tomorrow's Parties New York in 2009. It was an event that, as usual, dusted off a few bands from the 80s and 90s to perform alongside what's current. ATP is put together by and for, let's face it, music snobs. And God bless them, every one.

The Feelies are a band that found a crack between Television and Wire and filled it with a brilliant record in 1980 that resurfaced in 1990, just in time for guys my age to say, "So that's where Weezer stole the idea for the cover of their s/t" when it came out in '94 and then start pretending to be cooler-than-thou for knowing about The Feelies.

Now it's 2010. Crazy Rhythms is a classic. The Feelies are playing Connecticut. Weird, but I actually find this to be more interesting than My Bloody Valentine crawling out of the crypt for another go. It's inevitable for legends to get old and start thinking about the good ol' days, to start feeling like people need to be reminded that they're still a relevant band (i.e., cash in). And even if these legends don't get around to getting back out there, it's not like they're never going to be talked about ever again or introduced to new generations.

But The Feelies are perfectly in the middle. They're not too obscure, nor did they become a cliche. Playing only three shows (one in Cambridge, MA at The Middle East on 3/19, the one here in Connecticut on 3/20, and another at World Cafe Live in Philadelphia on 4/17) compared to, say, what the Pixies pulled is absurd. But, hey, let us rejoice: The Feelies are still cool; your dumb ass roommate has never heard of them; they're playing modest rock clubs instead of fucking coliseums; and in your own music snob way, The Feelies are as legendary as all the rest.


floyd said...

I have two feelies t-shirts

Ann Tonfear said...

Are the Feelies going to have shirts on sale at the shows, or what? I want to make the trip, but I want to make sure they have shirts to buy. If they have thongs, I'll get one of those, too. Or two.

Anonymous said...

i would be surprised if the band didn't bring merch