Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Estrogen Highs at Whitney House

Thursday, March 25, 2010:

Deep Sleep...err, a band?
Night Birds
Estrogen Highs

Wish I could have found a bigger version of the poster, because that shit is hilarious. What I did come across is some guy's blog called Well Fed. His name is Derrick, he's from Western Mass, but goes to school here in Hartford. He also mentions that he lives off beans and rice, so you do not want to ever be in the same room as him. Point being that if this show is up your alley, Derrick's blog would be too.

Also, once again I'm going to miss Estrogen Highs play. From now on the Estrogen Highs are only allowed to book their shows around my personal life so that I can actually see them live. *Stomping my feet and throwing a hissy fit*

Whitney House, Hartford, CT


Brushback said...

Deep Sleep dropped off the bill a couple of weeks ago.

Also, Estrogen Highs are playing another house show the weekend after, so there's always that...

CT Indie said...

thought deep sleep replaced dark circles... ugh. I suck

Brushback said...

Deep Sleep had to drop off a bunch of Northeastern dates-- you won't find it updated on hardly any of the show listings, though (the Whitney House myspace, for instance)