Thursday, March 18, 2010

Judgement Day, MT Bearington, Kimono Draggin'

I was looking at this poster and this sent me spiraling into a frenzy of thought about one of the many mysteries of the English language. Apparently the word "judgment" can also be spelled "judgement" even though my spell-checker would like to argue with that fact. If you ask me, it doesn't look right either way you spell it. English is odd. But man, fuck that noise, it's all about music. On March 28th at Daniel Street you can catch the most raucous Sunday night concert to hit Milford in years. No, I'm not talking about the Beatles A-Z cover band that's playing there merely hours before, I'm talking about the brutal onslaught of string metal that you'll be experiencing thanks to Judgement Day. You might not have eyes or ears left after experiencing this show, but you'll thank them for it, I promise. Add to the fact that you can see MT Bearington and Kimono Draggin', and you've got a hell of a crazy night on your hands.

Judgement Day's violinist Anton Patzner has toured extensively, recorded and performed with bands like Bright Eyes, The Faint, All American Rejects, Two Gallants and.... oh screw it. You don't care about that, you care about rocking out to brutal metal. Well, you're in luck because Judgement Day is best summed up in the following video:

If you read this site, you know who MT Bearington is. They just finished up their tour with Mates of State, and have been releasing cool videos all year. Seriously, if you get a chance, just search our site for MT Bearington for all kinds of goodies. There are also some new MT tracks available on the bandcamp which you should hear:

<a href="">Here's Your Mood Ring, Honey by M.T. Bearington</a>

As for Kimono Draggin' - well they're a hard rocking trio of dudes that won't back down. They blast out crazy high energy art-punk at the highest level their amps will allow. I wrote a bit about them a while back. Check out their cover of Zappa right here and you'll hear why they're awesome:

<a href="">Willie Get's Tortured by Kimono Draggin'</a>

Judgement Day
MT Bearington
Kimono Draggin'
Sun, March 28th
9PM / 21+/ $5


Anonymous said...

This show is gonna rock your nuts a good way.

Anonymous said...

What an awesome show. I came to see MTB but left loving Judgement Day and Kimono Draggin even more - they are the dudes! Brilliant!