Saturday, January 23, 2010

Retribution Gospel Choir - Low - Heaven

The story begins like this: Low will be the musical accompaniment for an original dance performance of Heaven, choreographed by Morgan Thorson. This performance will be happening Friday & Saturday, January 29 & 30, 2010, 8:00 PM at the Center for the Arts at Wesleyan University. Normally Wesleyan prefers to keep us local hoodlums off their campus, but this an event the public is invited to. There will be a pre-performance talk by Debra Cash on Friday, January 29, at 7:15pm, CFA Hall (formerly CFA Cinema). Depending on how much you want to spend, tickets are $21 for section A, $18 for section B, and $8 for section C. Purchase your tickets online here.

"...formidable and fresh, intelligent and explosive physicality tempered by sinuous lines and subtle drama..." -Minneapolis Star Tribune

Minneapolis-based Morgan Thorson makes her Connecticut debut with her newest work, Heaven. This sensory work explores the nature of ecstatic perfection by synthesizing vocal and physical rapture (body) with omnipresent lighting effects (spirit). Thorson's choreography is gleaned from research into religious forms and devotional practices. Light, movement and sound combine as equally expressive partners to create a vibrant onstage world of euphoria and paradise meant to rouse performers and audience into an ecstatic experience. Funded by the New England Foundation for the Arts' National Dance Project.

About Morgan Thorson: Heaven

But the thing is, before Heaven at Wesleyan, Manic Productions is presenting Retribution Gospel Choir on Wednesday, January 27th, 2010 at Daniel Street!

Daniel Street
21 Daniel Street
Milford CT

$12 ($10 adv) - 8:00PM - 21+

Click here

Click Here

Retribution Gospel Choir is a rock trio founded in 2007. The group features Low members Alan Sparhawk and Steve Garrington with Eric Pollard on drums and vocals. Those of you already familiar with Retribution Gospel Choir know that two of the songs on Low's Drums and Guns get a new interpretation on RGC's self titled LP. To help those of you unfamiliar, think of Low without Mimi Parker's vintage organ of a voice, or Low's intense restraint, replace both with a full drum kit and heavy guitar driven rock outs, and you can get an idea of where RGC is coming from.

Not to spread rumors, but if you put on your Sherlock Holmes hat, light your pipe, and begin connecting the dots, you might get the feeling there is hope for Mimi Parker to join Retribution Gospel Choir on stage, considering she will be at Wesleyan the weekend following the Daniel Street show.

...Maybe I will use my psionic powers to command Parker to do this, so don't be surprised if she shows up at Daniel Street in a trance.

Shhhhhhh! I am trying to concentrate! Mmmmmmmmmmmmm...

Apse & Arms and Legs will also be at this show opening up. Apse have been a well kept secret in the post rock scene for almost a decade now, thrilling crowds at festivals all over the world. Not only are they a great band theyre from a great town, Newtown. Arms and Legs are a laid back folk band that are a perfect opener to sooth you into this set.

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