Thursday, January 28, 2010


Cosmodemonic Telegraph
just released a new compilation of the New London local scene called POWERS. This comp really just confirms something we all knew - the New London scene is absolutely insane! It's a set of 28 songs by both established NL bands and up-and-comers. There's so many bands, and they're all so drastically different it's crazy. Everything from Americana/folk to experimental noise. Who would've thought there'd be so much from such a tiny city? They must have the most bands per capita in the world. This is a comp you've gotta hear.

You can snag a copy of POWERS at The Rock Fix on Jan. 30th. It looks like a killer show. If you can't make it to the show, you can stream the compilation right here, and order it from the bandcamp site.

<a href="">Get Haunted - Cedar Grove by Powers</a>

POWERS (CDT075) Full Track Listing:

disc one
1 Get Haunted "Cedar Grove"
2 Estrogen & Tonic "Double Muscle"
3 Straight to VHS "Hey"
4 The Reducers "Tokyo Bay"
5 Brazen Hussy "Broke into Your Facebook"
6 The Can Kickers "Sandburg's And So Today"
7 Bedroom Rehab Corporation "5 Nights in Jail"
8 Brava Spectre "5 Nights in Jail"
9 The Weird Beards "Pirate Flag"
10 Good God! "Awake at Night"
11 Dorian James "Paranoia"
12 Low-Beam "Way Out of Line"
13 Thunderfakers "You Askew"
14 The Suicide Dolls "Senses"
15 Flesh Hammer "Drink"

disc two
1 Above Below "Ignite"
2 Matt Gouette "Summers Without Mars"
3 Roadside Attractions "You Ain't Gonna"
4 Fatal Film "Remember When You Were Fun"
5 The Tawny Twelve "Tinseltown"
6 The Hoolios "He Walks in Vain"
7 Dan and Liz "Spain"
8 Anne Castellano "Wasted Hours"
9 Recur Occurrence "Inside My Head"
10 Brad Bensko "Why Do You Do That"
11 The Original Sinners "Wailing City Girl"
12 Total Bolsheviks "Eleanor Rugby"
13 Total Phone "Alone"

In addition to the compilation, they'll be releasing their 3rd wave of Cosmo Singles - 2-song CD singles from almost every one of the bands above. You can pick them up separately or as a full set. Check out this huge-ass catalog right here. Keep up the good work, guys.

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