Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Medication Hits the Road

Medication will be touring with The Dutchess and the Duke. It's OK, I had to reread this sentence a few times to believe it too. Yes, Pitchfork approved The Dutchess and the Duke. Besides Estrogen Highs, Medication are pretty much kings of CT's underground rock dirt mound. Haven't heard of them? It's probably because these guys don't need to beat everyone over the head about their existence. Too bad the tour is skipping Connecticut, though.

The tour starts tomorrow, January 6th and lasts through January 17th. The closest date to us here at home will be up in Northampton at The Iron Horse on Saturday, January 9th.

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Unknown said...

Psyched for these dudes. Stefan (of Estrogen Highs) is playing guitar for Medication on this tour. And Mark (of E-Highs) will be manning the merch.

I'll be at the Iron Horse Saturday.