Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Cable w/ Black Pyramid and Brothers & Sisters

Rockville, CT natives Cable formed way back in the early 90s and are back together with a vengence. I honestly thought they were still broken up, but not only are they not, but they also just released their brutal new album The Failed Convict. They've gone through a bunch of sonic changes over the years, but this is a sludgy, noisy release and sounds like the musical equivalent of a severe brain aneurism. I can't wait to see these songs live.

Also playing are Northampton's Black Pyramid. It's impossible not to mention Sleep, Sabbath and Earthride when you're listening to these guys, but they also manage to blend it all in a sonic explosion that rises above the sum of it's parts. If they keep making music, they're going to be huge.

They haven't been around long, but just listening to their "Victor" demo, you can already tell that Brothers & Sisters are going to be legendary in CT. The demo sounds like an old Pearl Jam tape you'd stumble across moldering away in someone's basement, but buried under all the fuzz and hiss you'll find killer hooks and fantastic over-gained 60s-styled backing vocals.

This show's going to be intense. Wear brown pants.

Manic Productions Presents:

Black Pyramid
Brothers & Sisters

Cafe Nine - Saturday, Jan. 16th
$8, 9PM, 21+
Tickets at Redscroll

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