Wednesday, January 27, 2010

folk's not dead

Sunday night at The Space, you can catch some fantastic new folk singers:

Trumbull's Katie Wilson plays a range of folk tunes that draw inspiration from bluegrass, folk, pop and blues. She plays fiddle, guitar and mandolin and sings with a style reminiscent of old bluegrass albums. She plays in a ton of local bands, from funk/blues band MamaSutra, reggae band I anbassa, to bluegrass band The Shinerunners. She just released an album in September with a lot of local musicians, which is out on local bluegrass label Prime Numbers Recording.

Josh A. is working on a new EP that is really promising. Josh used to be in Hi-Planes Drifter, though his solo tunes sound completely different, and I have to say, I'm completely psyched about his new music. The new songs are sort of an atmospheric minimalist foray into folk music, but they're much more complex than the average folk tune. I'm pretty excited to hear the new EP when it comes to fruition. Check out "The Foe" below to hear a sample:

<a href="">The Foe by Josh A.</a>

If you read this site regularly, Jesse Tobias should be no stranger to you. He plays relaxing tunes that range from whisper quiet to almost boisterous. He's got a great voice and puts on a great live show, so you shouldn't miss him. He played the CT Indie house show last fall, which you can download in case you missed it.

The Space - Jan 31st
7:00, $10

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