Thursday, January 7, 2010

Extra Milligrams of Medication

Free Medication download of the track "Didn't Wanna Know": CLICK. Out on HoZac.

Medication has some sweet press behind them that needs to be shared:

"Didn't Wanna Know" - a pretty, lo-fi, acoustic number with sentimental "Oohs" and crashes of discordant fuzz awash in the background.

Terminal Boredom
"Don't Die" has already cemented it's place in my mind as one of the best songs I've heard all year. A haunting recording of one man and a guitar that sounds like it was done in a room with the acoustics of an empty 50 gallon steel drum, subliminal double-tracked vocal apparitions, simple and emotionally resonant lyrics delivered with an understatedly great voice, singing as if there might be a ghost hanging over his shoulder at that very moment. Lo-fi melancholia at its best, yet delivered with such grace that you can easily empathize and perhaps even detect a slight glimmer of dusty sunlight penetrating the dark.

How are you making music this hauntingly bad ass in New Milford? I've been to New Milford, a pretty New England town with rivers that are super nice to swim in and winding unpaved roads. Mikey had never been to/heard of any of the places I rattled off which leads me to believe this kid really just spends a lot of time making his 4-track sonic reductions - the perfect mix of lo-fi shoegaze mixed with forlorn pop songs in the vein of the Velvet Underground to Spiritualized.

More about Medication from Victim of Time
As the leaves have all fallen and the Autumn winds have now turned cold, the timing couldn't be more perfect for the debut LP, 'This Town,' by New Milford, Connecticut's melodic saving grace, Medication. The one-man home-recording project has built itself up into a fully-automated live band over the past year, but the seductive recordings contained herein, lush in their simplistic, beautiful morosity, and minimally-orchestrated fragility, have continued to seep into the fabric that defines the season better than any other modern contenders. Mikey Hyde's songwriting development is steeped in the winning revelatory combination of isolation and reverberation, and as the static-laden echoes rise and fall against the imaginary backdrop of your mind, it's tough to fight off the therapeutic effects Medication will have on your physical and mental well-being. As if self-prescribing music like this hasn't been the answer to society's ills all along, playing the first full-length by Medication in times of despair or hopelessness like these has never been more important. We're proud to deliver this soul-warming debut long-player by one of the most criminally-overlooked 'private-press' style recording artists of the new millennium, Medication. Catch the band live on tour with The Dutchess & The Duke out east this January, too!

Here's their complete tour schedule with the Dutchess & the Duke:

Jan 6 - Johnny Brendas - Philadelphia, PA
Jan 7 - Union Hall - Brooklyn, NY
Jan 8 - Mercury Lounge - Manhattan, NY
Jan 9 - Iron Horse - Northampton, MA (Yay Redscroll!!)
Jan 10 - TT the Bears - Cambridge, MA
Jan 11 - Il Motore - Montreal, QC
Jan 12 - Sneeky Dee's - Toronto, ON
Jan 13 - Majestic - Detroit, MI
Jan 14 - Calvin College - Grand Rapids, MI
Jan 15 - Grog Shop - Cleveland, OH
Jan 16 - Wexner Center For the Arts - Columbus, OH
Jan 17 - Ottobar - Baltimore, MD

~Thanks Daffodil


CT Indie said...

I was thinking today that his voice is a lot like Tim Tobias's. I'm thinking like Clouds Forming Crowns. No? So fucking great, man. Medication truly is amazing.

Brushback said...

Tim Tobias is a weird dude, I've got some older stuff (4 Coyotes, etc.) that I'll have to go listen to now.

I'd love to go to the Medication show at the Iron Horse, but no cameras allowed and so forth, screw that place.