Saturday, January 16, 2010

Oxygenstar - Sassy Wisdom

JH(10:18:10 AM):
JH(10:18:18 AM): dude he released this two days ago review that shit
JH(10:20:10 AM): if you don't review the new oxygenstar album i will
JH(10:20:19 AM): but you should because you're all about giving that guy hjs

What kinda chump would be giving out handjobs to a guy and not review his CD?

Not this guy.

After seeing Oxygenstar open for El Ten Eleven last year I became a fan. So of course, when he dropped Sassy Wisdom I played it until one of my laptop speakers went bad. The way I see it reviewing an 8 bit CD with text is like reviewing a painting through break dance. To help convey the feeling this CD brought upon me I drew up a little review:


Brushback said...

See, now THAT'S a review.

OxygenStar said...

Werd !!! Glad you like the album!! and thanks again for the exposure !!!