Friday, January 22, 2010

Quiet Life - California Vacation

Originally hailing from Connecticut, the boys from Quiet Life looked west and found their fortunes in Portland, Oregon. On their journey, they absorbed the best elements of American folk music. Punctuated liberally with fiddle solos and plenty of steel guitar, their latest album, California Vacation, builds momentum like a freight train barreling across the plains.

Each track on Vacation tells a different vignette. "Downtown" chronicles wild nights spent picking up chicks and throwing back drinks. "Pretty Girls" thanks ladies for tolerating shenanigans and remain true to their men. The freedom of traveling into the unknown described in "Cave Country" will make you want to hit the road even if your sole means of transport is a Huffy 10-speed. The group currently plays in the greater Portland area, but if you dig them, let them know they're needed back east.

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Unknown said...

Absolutely perfect name for the album. Sounds like a nice weekend at a Santa Monica beach hotel. Keep up the good tunes guys!