Saturday, January 9, 2010

Ladderlegs + Fighting Polygon Team + The Screw-Ups @ lil Tommy J's - Jan 12

There should be more people and places like the group at the lil Tommy js collective. A sick group of bands organizing cheap shows at a house promoting locals and the DIY ethos. On January 12th there will be the two two-pieces The Dope Girls and Fighting Polygon Team, the reggae/ska punks The Screw Ups and the "eccentric" Ladderlegs. Don't use this shitty blurb to figure out if you should go to the show, check out their myspace's and you'll know whats up.

Lil Tommy J's home for lost boys - January 12th
Fighting Polygon Team
The Screw Ups
The Dope Girls
Cost: Donate

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