Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Uglysuit

Saturday, January 23, 2010

~Jonathan Walcher Photography

The Space
295 Treadwell Street
Hamden CT

$10 - 7:00PM - All Ages

Directions: CLICK

Uglysuit is a Touch and Go / Quarterstick band that is leaving a wake of buzz behind them as they tour, a tour that includes performances at SXSW in March. Here's their bio:

Tabloid life surrounds us. Artifice has replaced art, style trumps substance. Sincerity and honesty got lost along the way. Once in a while though, something breaks through. It can crack the shell of bitterness and send a memo reminding us that it’s entirely possible we haven’t become too jaded, at least not yet. That’s where The Uglysuit and their self-titled record come in.

Made up of six friends from Oklahoma City ranging in age from 20-23, The Uglysuit brings a different mentality to what they do – remarkably fresh-faced and honest, the band believes in letting loose, fostering a heartfelt atmosphere of hope and love, and works hard to shape what comes naturally. Playing together since their early teen years has given them an almost familial connection which shines through on their beautiful, fully-realized debut album.

The comfort and ease The Uglysuit shares in performing together is evident in the direction each song takes. Some start as one thing and end as something completely different, but in a way that fits together perfectly. Nothing is sacrificed and everything makes sense. “Brownblue’s Passing” begins delicately before orchestral elements take a march-like turn, leading to a finale that becomes increasingly hypnotic and epic. “…And We Became Sunshine” opens with a bouncy intro that eventually transforms into a soaring chorus of guitar washes, keyboard flourishes, and lush, layered vocals. “Chicago” brings together a more traditional song structure, a melody painted with piano and delicate guitar lines, and a refrain that can stay embedded in your brain for days.

The Uglysuit’s music is an extended love song to the notion that everything is possible, yet nothing is guaranteed. It’s born of excitement and energy and built on potential and promise. It’s based on the premise that change exists in everything, and where a wide-eyed view of the world doesn’t equal naiveté. It reminds us that we are alive, and that maybe it’s not too late.

Wess Meets West is the solo project of Sam Stauff (The Morning After, My Holy Ghost, A Paper Tugboat). "The Sun The Moon The Master" is the latest release, It is ambient rock mixed with electronics preformed live. Sam enlists the help of Bryan Gottshall and Jesse Vengrove along with other friends to help live and in the studio. Wess Meets West was also one of the collaborators in John Nolan's "Fan Collaboration Project".

Whats Left of the Trees is an energetic blend of jammy/experimental/alternative rock with influences in pop and soul. As a band we spend all of our time writing, recording, and touring. As best friends, we love cats and eat too much junk food.

The Files and Fires was formed by Tyler Smith and Ian Tait. They blend indie rock with ambient and live electronics.

The Guru are a fun indie rock band, with song titles such as "Happy Octopus Club" and "Ballad of the Samba Zombie", they have a touch of that Dead Milkmen thing going on.

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