Friday, January 15, 2010

Fugue + Midi & the Modern Dance @ Huntington Street Cafe - Feb 5

Theres nothing I hate more than kids who are better than me at playing instruments. Before today I didn't think listening to music could get me enraged to the point of wanting to break my laptop. That was the case until I heard Fugue. Long story short Fugue is pretty much five kids who through some freak accident learned to master the art of jazz fusion and choose to become a band to rub it in everyones face. These lil dbags have a free show at Huntington Street Cafe on the 5th, even though I wish the worst for them and everyone associated with them, this show will probably be one of the better ones this season.

Huntington Street Cafe - February 5th
Midi & the Modern Dance
Cost: FREE


Unknown said...

oh man, you really know how to stroke our egos hahah. thank you so much for the kind words, we're glad you like us so much.
not to be too absurd but i no longer even have that ridiculous haircut you see in the photograph above and that video is from our first show ever so we're almost a different band at this point.
regardless, we thank you from the bottoms of our pretentious hearts.
much love,
Matthew + Fugue

john smif said...

Yeah, it usually works out like that. its hard to find updated vids of bands.