Tuesday, January 26, 2010

post-show: Vetiver, Happy Birthday, Titles

I showed up a bit late to this show so I missed the beginning of Titles' set, but what I saw was brilliant. Those guys are really tight, and can somehow take a quick pop hook, tack on a slammin guitar solo and flesh it out into a full 2 minute song. How they do that is beyond me, and how lead guitar/vocalist Brad manages to dial up such a sweet guitar tone is beyond me. Their new album is out in March and I think it's gonna rock.

Happy Birthday was up next. They're fronted by songwriter King Tuff from Witch. I haven't heard more than a handful of his songs since his album won't be out till March, but his songs are pretty straightforward pop songs masked by fuzz, odd vocals and some really harsh changes. They were all over the map - they were pretty sloppy, but seemed to have some good energy. I was originally way too close to the speakers and it was real harsh, but as their set went on they seemed to get better.

The Space eventually filled up to capacity before Vetiver's set. It was strangely silent in there, it seems like everyone was quietly anticipating the band to begin. I've never seen them before, but they were worth seeing. They were really great - they played some old songs and and a few new ones I haven't heard before. They changed a lot of songs stylistically, and it seems like they're a very different band on the record vs. live.

All photos by Brushback. He has some really nice things to say about the show, and took some good pictures so head over there to check out more.


Happy Birthday:

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Brushback said...

Yes, definitely Brad's guitar tone (when he makes those great washes of sound at the end of some of their songs) is one of the things that draws me to Titles the most.