Friday, January 22, 2010

The Rock Fix @ Crocker House Ballroom - Jan 30

On the 30th a grab bag of the best bands from New London will be playing a show at the Crocker House Ballroom to promote "POWERS", the new compilation CD by Cosmodemonic Telegraph. The Weird Beards, Fatal Film, Above Below, Straight to VHS, Roadside Attractions, The Hoolios, Get Haunted and Weep will be in attendance playing 30-45min sets all night. This looks more like the lineup to a huge festival rather than a regular show.

Crocker House Ballroom - January 30th
7pm - Straight to VHS
7:45 - Get Haunted
8:30 - Roadside Attractions
9:15 - Above Below
10pm - WEEP
10:45 - Fatal Film
11:30 - The Hoolios
12:15 - The Weird Beards

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